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Complete outdoor system 1200/R12Mini


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Complete outdoor system 1200/R12Mini
278.15 € + VAT
331 € (VAT included)
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One of the most popular systems because of the possibility of lifetime warranty extension.

It can be used for :

  • Containment of properties, large gardens and for delimitation of several areas where you do not want your pet to have access.
  • With up to 1000 m of boundary wire it can be used for several areas in your garden
  • You can designate restricted areas at the gate and around it, restricted area around the house, green spaces, swimming-pool, flower garden.
  • Separating one area of the garden or enclosing several smaller spaces.

Technical details for Transmitter 1200:

  • Uses SAFELINK Digital technology (only at Dogwatch ) that works with FM radio waves to avoid interference with home appliances (the same technology is used at the aviation to avoid unwanted interferences).
  • You can easily set the system's range of action, settable to distances of 15-150 cm on both sides of the cable. 
  • The maximum size of the area you can delimit is 6.25 ha.
  • If there is boundary wire brake, the transmitter sounds continuously and the LED flashes with red light.
  • The green light of the LED, informs you that the system is operating normally.
  • The system is connected to ground as protection against short circuits.
  • You can also connect to dual ground for protection against lightening.
  • With one transmitter (central box) several Dogwatch receivers can be used and each can be individually adjusted according to the personality of your pet.
  • Our systems are designed to protect your pet from over corrections, in the case of the unlikely event when your dog enters and doesn't leave the signal field. The receiver is resetted automatically when the dog leaves the signal field.
  • All the Dogwatch products are effective as well with cats. You can create a boundary for cats in the yard to keep clean the children's sand, or to create an inside fence to protect the new sofa or keep away them from the kitchen counter.
  • At a distance of 20 cm from the area to be avoided the dog is warned with audio signals and without electric impulses to return to the safety zone.
  • The white colored transmitter, with a pleasant appearance can be mounted on the wall.
  • It can be used with no more than 1000 m of cable.
  • Dimensions: 15,5 x 3,5 x 10,5 cm
  • Warranty for Life. 
  • 30 days money back guarantee.

Technical details for Receiver R12 mini :

  • AUTO MEMORY(Automatically increases the correction level if your pet enters the avoidable area 2 times in 24 hours) .
  • FASTREACT (it's the fastest reaction time in the industry (0.125 sec)
  • PET FRIENDLY. The receiver sends a warning signal before your pet enters the avoidable space and not when its already in it,this way your pet returns back to the safe area without getting any impulse correction.
  • The use of the receiver is recommended for medium and large dogs between 1-15 kg, with no aggressive personality.
  • The level of warning signal can be set easily.
  • You can choose between audible warning and 4 levels of electrical pulses.
  • The number of the beeps informs you about the level the transmitter was set to.
  • It can be used even with sensible and stubborn dogs.
  • You can choose out of multiple sizes of post contacts depending of how furry your pet is.
  • Detects only the FM signals set by the manufacturer, and don’t interfere with other radio signals that disturbs the process.
  • If the dog doesn’t leave the signal field after 15 seconds the electric pulse will stop, sending a new one with a frequency of 15 seconds as long as the dog is in that area.
  • An embedded antenna receives FM radio signals from all directions.
  • The response time is extremely short, just 0,125 seconds.
  • A weather-resistant and waterproof product.
  • The receiver works with 3.0V battery.
  • The general lifetime of the battery is 6 months .
  • Dimensions: 55x30x20 mm;
  • Weight: 50 g;
  • Material used for housing: shock and thermoresistant plastic (poly carbonate);

        Package content :

  • Transmitter;
  • Ground cable;
  • Connecting cables (for connecting the transmitter to the lighting rod);
  • Second ground cable ;
  • Feeder;
  • Lighting rod;
  • Collar;
  • Receiver;
  • Battery cap;
  • Battery;
  • Contact points (2 pc.);
  • Connector for broken cable (2 pc.);
  • Training leash;
  • Boundary wire (100 m);(EXTRA Gift);
  • Warning flags (10 pc.)(EXTRA Gift);
  • User guide in English and Romanian;
  • Training instruction in English and Romanian;
  • Assembly instructions in English and Romanian;
  • Difference from the Sistem1200/R12 Mini and Sistem 1200/R12:

Differences between the System1200/R12 Mini and System 1200/R12:

System 1200/R12 Mini:

  • battery 3.0V
  • lifetime of the battery 6 months
  • dimensions: 55x30x20 mm
  • weight: 50 g

System 1200/R12:

  • battery 3.6V
  • lifetime of the battery 2 years
  • dimensions: 55x40x25 mm
  • weight: 70 g