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Training collar Canicom 200 first


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Training collar Canicom 200 first
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Trainig collar Canicom 200 First is an inteligent collar , who helps you to train your dog or  avoid unwanted behavior .This product helps you with an acustic alert and 5 levels of electric puls.With a  200 m of range action we recommend to use not only for trainers but also for all persons who watnt to train his dog. This product is perfect for an gently but efficient training.

Technical issues for Canicom 200 First:

  • Range action  200 m 
  • Waterproof receiver 
  • Remote control is resistent for water strops 
  • Receiver is working with  3.0 V battery 
  • Battery lifetime 3 months
  • Remote control is working with 3.0V battery 
  • The power of battery rezist for  50 000 orders
  • Weight receiver : 75 g
  • Acustic alert and electric puls 
  • Embendded antenna 
  • 30 days guarantee money back 
  • Warranty 2 years