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Additional receiver BigLeash S-15


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Additional receiver BigLeash S-15
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BigLeash has more features than other similar electronic device and is the only one that use  Digital Technology Safelink (emits radio Fm signs to avoid interference with household aplliace ) and technology " In-Touch"(Comunictaion from both ways between transmitter and receiver )

Technical issues for BigLeash S-15 Traning collar :


 Multifunction screen on what you can see multiple informations:

 The LCD screen on the remote control of the Bigleash S-15  training collar gives you more informaton than any other device on the market .All of the information what you need is avaible just need a look  to the screen .



In-Touch”,  bidirectional comunication


BigLeash S-15 electrical trainig collar is the only one electric collar with bidimensional comunication (between the portable remote control and receiver ) .
This important caracteristic let you know the distance between you and your pet .The LCD screen warns you if your pet is almost leaving the action range , in this way you can warn your dog to come back  before is too late . 



Signal options :

  •  „Audible ” : With this option you can warn your pet gently 


  •  „Vibration”:  Because there are dogs with hearing impairment you can use vibration for a gentle warning whitout correction


  •  „Short electric puls”: Bigleash  S-15 receivers  has a very short option for distract your pet attention from unwanted behavior 


  •  „Continuu electric puls”: This option is for distract your pet's attention from unwanted behavior 


 “FireFly Nightlight”


All  BigLeash S-15 receivers has led lights with can be activated from the remote control by a simple button push. This feature is an advantage for localizing your dog .



- Li Polymer battery

- 3.7V

-300mAh (1 1Wh)