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Transmitter 1200


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Transmitter 1200
144.2 € + VAT
171.59 € (VAT included)
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It can be used for :


  • Dividing some  parts of the garden or enclosing several smaller spaces (the fencing can be achieved at the same time even in several places with a single appliance)
  • The degradation of properties, large gardens and within them the delimitation of several areas where you do not want to have access to your quadruple.
  • Several areas can be used with up to 1000 m metri of delimitation cable  
  • restrict acces on the gate ,around the gate 
  • Restrict acces to the house swiming pools, green areas , flower areas etc. 
  • Separating an area from the garden or enclosing several smaller spaces (the encapsulation being possible at the same time even in several places with a single appliance)

Technical details for Transmitter 1200:


  • Digital technologySAFELINK (just only at Dogwatch ): Emitting FM radio waves to avoid interference with home appliance (the same technologie is used at the aviation to aviod unwanted interference)
  • You can easily set the sistem's range 
  • The range action can be set between 15-150 cm on each cable 
  • You can built an area that no more 6.25 ha 
  • If the circiut is interrupted , the center box sounds continuosly
  • The red light on the transmitter warns you if the cable is interrupted
  • The green light ,infrom you that the sistem is operating normaly
  • The system has  ground for protection for short circuits 
  • You can also connect to dual ground for lighting protection 
  • With one transmitter (central box) several Dogwatch receivers can be used and each can be individually adjusted accroding to personality of your pet.
  • Our sistems are designed for prtect your pet from over correction , if in that case whe your dog is in the signal field . The receiver is sets automatically when the dog leaves the signal field 
  • All of the Dogwatch products can be used for cats too. You can create a border for cats in the yard to keep clean the childrens sand , or to create an inside fence to protect the new sofa or keep away from the kitchen counter 
  • At the distance of 20 cm from the area to be avioded (with impluses) the dog is warned without  electric impulses to return to the safety zone.
  • White colour , wide , with a pleasant appearance can be monted on the wall 
  • It can be used with no more than 1000 m of cable 
  • Dimensions: 15,5 x 3,5 x 10,5 cm
  • Warranty for Life 
  • 30 days guarantee price ramp