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 Disitribuitor and reprezentant of Dogwatch Inc. products on teritory of Romania is S.C David International S.R.L (named afther this as Dogwatch Romania)

       DogWatch Inc. şi DogWatch Romania  reserve under the therms and conditions sets  below ,  we guarantee that we will change or fix the problem , during the warranty period from the date of initial purchase , what has fabrication or functionality defect. Except for yhe above -mentioned guarantee , Dogwatch Inc.  and Dogwatch Romania disclaim all warranties expressed or indigned .

    As a condition of this warranty, Customer must:

    Send within seven (7) days from the date of purchase the warranty card of the product at DogWatch Inc., 10 Michigan Drive, Natick, MA 01760, (800) 793¬-3436
(or at  DogWatch Romania adress) or complete the warranty form at the page,

(b) inform  DogWatch Inc. and/or DogWatch Romania,about defects during the warranty period 

(c)  to send back the product to Dogwatch Romania or to the DogWatch Inc

       The only obligation of Dogwatch Inc. and Dogwatch Romania , SC David International SRL is that these warranties has to repair or replace , on the basis of their own remedy , any product or part that Dogwatch Inc and Dogwatch Romania considers that it is defect.

      In no case Dogwtach Inc. , Dogwatch Romania will be responsable for any special indirect , or important damage resulting from the purchase or use of the product. Dogwatch Inc. and Dogwatch Romania  is not reduce the price of the buying product, in no case.