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Why choose DogWatch?

The most important reason to choose a DogWatch invisible fence is because we care about your pet, as well as you. Our pet-friendly products and friendly services gives you freedom and flexibility . If you want the best, DogWatch is the solution.

 DogWatch (DW) and its competitors sells and install invisible fence systems with a few significant differences. It is important to understand the facts before purchasing any of the systems.

Fetaures and technical issues DW OTHER PRODUCT
Signal type  FM AM
Lifetime warranty X
  • The lifetime of the battery
  •  Price of the annual change 
  • Use simple battery 


2 years



3 months 


25 EUR


Transmitter and receiver what is adjustable by the customer  X
Signaling function for :
  • Level of correction 
  •  Audible signal 
  •  Status of the battery 



AutoMemory® Reset (in case the pet tests the border ) X
Reaction time (the correction is applied after the sound alert ) Based on distance  Based on time 
Internal and external for lightning protection X
Compliance for directives CE și RoHS (Reduce dangerous substances)


Standards CE și RoHS Imposes important directives on performance, safety and environmental protection.



Top 5 reason to choose  Dogwatch

1. Experience

We have been offering freedom of movement to dogs since 1990. Our invisible perimeter systems have been tested on all types of dogs with all kinds of personalities. Our team is made up of experienced professionals whose has scope to offer you quality products and services.

2. Technology

Technology DogWatch Hidden Fence is different from other fences  .This is obvious  in case of comparation between Dogwatch and other product. The most important is the fact  that Dogwatch is the only one who use FM fercvency instead of AM frecvency .Our SafeLink® FM  digital signal protects your pet  from unwanted corrections that may interference with AM frequencies (such as garage door, TV or other home appliances). FM is a safer, more secure signal, and you will only find it at Dogwatch.

3. Safety

Near our FM frecvency signal , Dogwatch offers to you important functions , waht you can't find at other products .For example , function AutoMemory® and  FastReact® are exclusive Dogwatch features.
The systems also use a mechanism to  trigger a distance based on  correction not on time . This provides constant training limits for your pet whitout surpise and confution. To learn more about these features and other additional safety measures, feel free to contact us at 0756-087.088 to give you a demonstration.

4. Customer Service 

We are committed to offer to  you services with hight quality  standards of our products. References four clients are an essential part of our business, so customer service and assistance are at the top of our priorities. We encourage you to tell us how we handle the  rubric of  "your oppinion", and if you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact us.

5. Costs

By pulling a line, an invisible fence is much more adaptable and cheaper than traditional fencing. DogWatch offers the best value for money compared to other systems. With lifetime warranty, 2 years battery warranty, less headaches with maintenance and repair, and parasitic protection included, the comparison allways  will be in favor of DogWatch.