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About DogWatch: is the only distributor of DogWatch and BigLeash products from US on the territory of Romania. Since 2009 we have been selling invisible fences and electric collars in Romania. Over the  time, we have focused on quality and  highest service quality to offer  for our clients and their pets  the best for them. We  understand that your pet is an important member of the family, so   our products are the most advanced and safety for your pet . We live in a world where the price is very important, but we all know that quality is the most important and quality is extremely expensive today. Do not buy products that puts in danger your pet ! Choose the quality!

In prezent we have over 1000 products sold and 127 partners in all country . We dont want to sell our products , we want to offer a solution for our clients .

Products for trade 

  • Invisible fences for dogs and cats
  • Traning collars 
  • Sidewalker 
  • Barkcollar 
  • Ultrasound sistem for agressive dogs 
  • Dry food 
  • Wet food

     Here you can find more information about us :

30 days money back guarantee: in case that our product does not match for your dog or just not like it ,you have 30 days to return our product completly and we return your money to your account. 


We offer lifetime guarantee: la for all type of invisible fences from Dogwatch we offer lifetime guarantee.This is not a marketing phrase for convince our clients .We have a solution for all of  the guarantee problems in the future , and in the most of the cases we change the product for a new one . 

Guarantee of delivery of the order product: we guarantee the fact ,that the ordered product will delivered .In case that the delivered product is not what you oredered we assume all of responsability for it and we change the product in 2 days for the ordered product , we assume all the delivery cost too.

Guarantee for an alternative solution  In case if you order a invisible fence, barkcollar, traning collar what is out of stoc  We offer you another invisible fence model, barkcollar or traning collar, which you can use until the order is honored.  The only condition for this warranty is that you have to pay full price for the product in advance .Damaging the product totaly or just a portion form it results to pay for it at the market price .

Gurantee for delivering in time :  Our company guarentee delivering the order product in time . In case of not delivered products , no matter the reason , accords compensation for the late, or for eventually discomfort created in cuantum 1% from the value of the ordered product  what was not delivered. If you dont get your order in 30 days , the order will be delivered FREE and the value of it will be returned to the client in 5 days .