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System installation

Our invisibile  fence systems work by radio FM signal and works both indoor and outdoor.

 You can choose  form the products what offers libetry and safety for your pet in function of :

-  the space where you mount the product (interior, exterior);

-  the size of the territory what want you to delimitate;

-  the size and the behavior of your pet ;


I In function what system you choose the package contains :

- transmitter;

- receiver;

- collar;

- lightning;

- traning collar;

- magnet test;

- User guide  (lb. engleza si romana).


In the same time whit the purcashing of the system ,you can send us a sketch of the teritory from where you want to mount the system . With the sketch in our hand we can fix:

- The space where you want to mount the transmitter 

- The lenght of the copper cable , what you need to delimitate the teritory 


 Atention :The boundary wire required to delimit the area is purchased separately.


To remember  ( in case of external use ):

Transmitatorul trebuie The transmitter :

- mount near an electrical source

-  protected from weather (prefer somewhere inside)


 Copper cable :

- turn from  the transmitter ;

-  indiferent from the size and number ofthe areas what you want to delimitate, you can leave the cable on the surface or buried in the ground;

- it must have a continuos loop (closed circle) ;

- transmits the radio signals from the transmitter

- if twisted it cancels the radio signals

- It also returns to the transmitter



- Have to be choosen by the size furrand behavior of the dog ;

- Must be mounted on an adjustable collar sitting beside the classic collar

- functioneaza cu baterii de 3/3.6 V cu o durata de viata de 6/24 luni.Works with 3 / 3.6 V batteries with a 6/24 months life.


Lighting :

Available accessory depending on the system chosen 


Traning leash 

- after the sistem instalation , the dog has to be tranined;

-  you inform the quadruple of the areas of: avoidance and safety.


 At the instalation of Dogwatch you can choose between the following options :

-  The instalation conform using the user guide -what was near the product what yu orederd

-  Assistant for intalation by phone -offered by at the following number :0756-087-088


 Every dog is different and need a diffenert level of traning:

- age 

- breed

- personalitatea patrupedului. pet's personality


 The most important is to find a corect level for each of pet.

After installation,will be made a short intorducing instruction for train  your dog or follow a few days of training  . The training method is provided for each system, in a short material what is near the user manual. 

In case of the  right use of the sistem Dogwatch offers to you liberty and safety for your pet , keep the corect distance between the contact points and the pet neck , and change the batteries in the right conventions. 

Can you call our service assisant with trust !