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Receiver R12


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Receiver  R12
185.4 € + VAT
220.62 € (VAT included)
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Technical issues  Receiver R12:

  • AUTOMEMORY(Autamatucly increase the correction level if your pet enters to the avoidable area 2 times in 24 hours)  .
  • FASTREACT .(it's the fastes reaction time in the industry (0.125 sec)
  • PET FRIENDLY . The receiver warms you at the entrance to the safety area and not when it is already in the area , so your pet can  return to the safe area without impulse corrections.
  • The use of the receiver is recommended for medium and large dogs between 15-40 kg , who do not have agressive personality 
  • You have possibility to set easily the level 
  • You can choose between audible warning and 4 levels of electrical pulse 
  • The number of the bips inform you about the level 
  • It's can be used in case of sensible and stubborn dogs 
  • It's has more dimensions of post contacts (in function of how furry is your pet )
  • Receive JUST signs radio FM what was sets by the producer , any other radio signas do not disturb the operation .
  • If the dog do not leave the signal field , after 15 seconds the electric pulse  will stop , but aslong as in that area , it will transmit in  every 15 seconds an electric impulse .
  • An embedded antenna accepts FM radio signals form all sides .
  • The response time is extremly short , just only 0,125 seconds 
  • Rezistent to weather and waterproof 
  • The receiver is working with 3.6V battery 
  • The general lifetime of the battery is 2 years.
  • Dimensions: 55x40x25 mm;
  • Weight: 70 g;
  • Material : shock rezistent , plastic (polycarbonate) termorezistent, is not from metal