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Receiver R9


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Receiver  R9
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Technical issues for  Receiver  R9:

  • Receiver  R9 its recomended for medium and large size of pets with agressive perosnality
  • AUTOMEMORY increase automatically the correction level if your pet entering to the avoided  zone 2 times in 24 hours  )
  • FASTREACT The fastes reaction time in the industry (0,125)
  • PET FRIENDLY The receiver warning at the entering at the avoided zone and not when is already is in it , in this way your pet returns to the safe area whitout impulse correction .
  • Its recomended to use in case of medium or large size dogs between over 40 kg , who has or can has agressive personality.
  • You can easily set the alert level 
  • You can choose between audible alert and 7 levels of electric pulse.
  • The number of beeps informs you the level what was set at the moment .
  • It's can be used in case of senisible and stubborn dogs 
  • Contact points with different dimensions (in function of the fur of your pet )
  • Receive JUST FM radio signals set by the manufacturer any other sign will not disturbe the operation. 
  •  If the dog does not leave the area to be avoided, after 15 seconds the electrical impulse stops, but as long as it is in that area, it will transmit an electric pulse every 15 seconds
  • An embedded antenna receive radio sign for all sides
  • The rection time is extremly short , it just 0,125 second 
  • Rezistent for wheater conditions and watherproof
  • In case of receiver R9  we use 3.6 V battery 
  • Batery lifetime 2 years
  • Dimensions: 55x40x25 mm;
  • Weight: 70 g;
  • Material: shock rezistant , plastic (polycarbonate) termorezistent, is not from metal.